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Exchange your product and grow your business

No matter how dedicated, smart and organised your outfit is if nobody knows about you, no clients will come.

Problem is, advertising is normally expensive - and you don't advertise. The very thing that will help your business you cannot do.

But now, through the fast growing phenomenon called bartering, we can help you to reach a highly targeted market of adventurers to promote your business - at a cost that won't break the bank.


 Exchange your hunt, adventure trip, service or product
for an advertisement that will grab the attention of your target market.

It is a win-win offer.
Grab yours by complete this form now.

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I want to exchange the above for:

  Type Value
Magazine advertising
Advertorial, 4 Page, 6x half page advertisements, interview, video $4,250
Full Double Page Spread $2500
Half Page Double Spread $1300
Full page $700
Half page $500
Third page $400
Quarter page $300

Banner advertising on web site
300x80, one year $100
480x120, one year $150

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