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Ecstasy and Luxury

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Mazwita Bush Camp and RelaxCrew

We sent Thea and Charlotte to Mazwita Bush Camp to give us a ladies’ perspective on a superb private lodge and mobile luxuries spa- and beauty treatments.

There seems to be a worldwide tendency these days for people to desire a place where food, friends and surroundings are wholesome, pure and true as opposed to fast, false and cement.

There is a longing for the good old days even by people who never had any “good old days”; people who grew up with skyscrapers, morning traffic and coffee from paper cups. For such seekers of the honestly good and even those who are just looking for a “getaway” there is no better place to come home to than Mazwita.

This four-star Bush-Camp is located 40 kilometers (23 miles) from the famed Kruger National Park. It rests in the shadow of the Makonjwa mountain range close to Barberton in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Zebra, Kudu and Bushbuck are immediately spotted as they graze along the winding road to the camp. At the open-air foyer the wild sound of a cowhide drum and hardwood fires burning in steel stands creates a truly African atmosphere of mystery and adventure.

Along a neat wooden pathway one is ushered into the cleverly designed boma area where wilderness and civilized comforts can be enjoyed:

A crackling campfire with chairs informally arranged around it invites guests to savour the comfortable warmth of the camp. Dark wooden furniture creates a unique setting for a romantic dinner even in rainy weather.

A wooden viewing deck with a pool reaches to a tree-enclosed area with a waterhole where Wildebeest, Impala, Warthogs, Giraffe and many others come to drink and enjoy their leafy meals in very close proximity to guests.

Another wooden pathway leads to the various chalets; each with its own unique ambiance in surrounding bush as well as décor and furnishings.

Crisp white designer linen combines with soft African touches in color, texture and wooden furniture in these private and exquisite chalets.  The en-suite bathrooms are comfortable and tastefully decorated with many luxurious amenities.

On the wooden deck in front of each chalet a marvelous bush breakfast is served, and it also the perfect platform from which to enjoy a private view on nature.

The hosts and well-trained staff are ever attentive to the preferences of guests.  Special care is taken to arrange the stay of each guest or set of guests according to their ideal getaway experience.

Those who are seeking solitude can truly find themselves in the peaceful surroundings abounding with beauty.

Guests who came to experience the people and the camp will be drawn into the immense passion and love of nature so evident in the amazing experiences the hosts have to share about all the inhabitants of their home in the bush.

They have given lodging to many an injured or abandoned wild animal, so that their present family extends to a Mongoose, a Bushbuck and even a Lourie. Although these are all back in the wild, they sometimes still have unexpected but familiar reunions with these friends and family members.

For the adventurous guests, microlight flights can be arranged. Mazwita is also only an hour’s drive from the Kruger National Park and very close to Swaziland. Game drives in an open viewing vehicle are also offered to guests.

A little way out in the bush, a giant Wild Fig tree lodges a family of monkeys. With the clusters of fruit ripe for the picking these mischievous long-tailed rascals and many birds enjoy more than their share of dinner, bed and breakfast!

Watching these monkeys enjoy the bounty of their tree-house one can not help but realize that there lies the secret of life at Mazwita: enjoy the abundance without reserve.

Visit the Mazwita web site at

For guests who want to be pampered in exquisite style, the RLX- crew can be arranged. These neatly uniformed ladies bring their portable salon to guests wherever they are!

On visiting Mazwita, they set up salon – complete with beds, heated blankets and bubbling foot spas on the viewing deck.

We received a relaxing pedicure, Indian head- and hot stone massages while listening to birdsong and snorting antelope under a canopy of Leopard trees, Wild fig and Acacias.

It just doesn’t get better than this!

“Pampering clients is our passion!” says Hantie, director of RLX-crew.

All beauticians and masseuses are well trained and striving for excellence in what they do.

All beauty treatments except waxing are available on request, as well as a variety of massages.

Contact the RLX Crew at

It has been alleged that we treat our correspondents a bit roughly - and here is the proof. This is but one example of the kind of treatment they must endure. Ed.

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