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Stupid hunters?

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It is a radical approach, we know. Offering the first 3 issues of an African hunting magazine free - absurd. And digital issues? Crazy.

But the world is changing. We all have email, cell phones and fax machines. We use Google to find the information we need. We browse web sites, network with other hunters and post our opinions and experiences on blogs. Easy.

The great hunters of the old days would have known we are smoking something if we told them this. They knew about a cleft stick and a runner, and messages took months to be delivered, messengers often eaten by lions or convinced by a young maiden to lose interest along the way.

Selous would be way out of his depth.

This first issue of The African Hunting Magazine is an unprecedented (and bold) step in African hunting publication.

Not only is this a normal paper magazine, but we will deliver the magazine to you on the internet, PCs, laptops, Apple Macs, PocketPCs, PalmPilots and who knows what else.
And that is not all. You will be able to get the magazine (in a slightly toned-down version) on your cell phone.

Many people told us that us hunters are “not sufficiently technologically aware” (greenspeak for stupid) and that it will never work.

A normal and electronic hunting magazine? No way. Hunters and adventurers are far too dense, they imply.

We do not believe that.

Anyone who can grasp the intricacies of ballistics, understand the beauty and balance of rifle design and understand the workings of a compound bow or arrow trajectory is alright by us.
You are not stupid - why should you be treated as idiots?

And then, to cap it all, we are giving you a choice - you can have a traditional paper magazine or an electronic one - or both. This means that you get the magazine in digital format but that you can have the print magazine as well if you prefer.

Here it is - the best of both worlds. Real African hunting in digital and print.

Seems like hunters are not so stupid after all.

Mitch Mitchell

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