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What do you mean by "read your Way"? We mean that you can choose how you want to receive your magazine. Sure, you can have a normal, glossy magazine delivered to your door - but there is much more. You can also read it on your PC, Laptop, AppleMac, PocketPc, PalmPilot and cell phone.
How do I get the magazine on my PDA? All you need to do is to copy the .pdf file to your PDA using the synchronization software provided with the device. For more assistance, contact your supplier.
Can I jump to articles?

On the cover page, just click on the article to jump straight there.

To jump to pages or articles, click on one of the icons on the right in Acrobat Reader.

The green circle gives step-by-step instructions for common features.

Can I click directly on hyperlinks in my magazine? Yes you can.

Every advertisement, author and video is just a click away. You have to be connected to the internet, though.

What are the conditions for me to have my trophy photos on the site? They must be good and the animals must be African.
I think I can write good hunting and outdoors articles. Will you consider publishing an article written by me? Yes we will. We want to give new authors like you the chance to be published. If your article good, we will consider doing so. We won't pay you (yet) but if you are good, that may happen with later articles. Click here to see our writer's guidelines
What is the best way to set up Acrobat? 1) In Adobe Acrobat, choose View>Page Display>Two-up continuous
2) Then choose View>Page Display>Show Cover Page during Two-up for best results
My friend is visually impaired. Can he listen to The African Hunting Magazine? Yes, he can.
1) In Adobe Acrobat, choose View>Read out Loud>Activate Read out Loud.
2) Choose View>Read out Loud and the option you want: Read This Page Only/Read To End of Document/Pause or Stop.
3) Choose View>Deactivate Read out Loud to deactivate the read out loud function
What internet functionality is built into the magazine? You will see your cursor change to a hand over a link in many places in the magazine.

You can click on:
 - author’s names to email them
 - articles to comment about them on our blog
 - The video icon to watch interviews with outfitters and phs
 - reviews and other interesting videos
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