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Game animals of the world

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Game Animals of the World is a field guide for the world’s hunters. It represents a monumental effort by two of Africa’s most respected wildlife writers to provide the international hunting fraternity with a single, comprehensive source of authoritative natural science and practical hunting related information.

Game Animals of the World will be of use doing research at home and while roaming the game fields of the world. It is not only a pioneering work but starts a new trend and sets a new standard for publications of this nature. An astounding amount of effort and research has gone into Game Animals of the World. Information on some of the more obscure species or those which roam inaccessible or conflict areas is virtually impossible to obtain.

Despite these challenges the authors succeeded in delivering an outstanding product that will serve all hunters for years to come.

Assisted by hunter feedback, this pioneering field guide will improve edition by edition and maintain its obvious status as the pre-eminent publication of its kind

This hunting guide contains a diversity of information and imagery in compact and useful format.

It is an extensive and comprehensive source of information, providing the hunters of the world with:

  • An unparalleled magnitude of animal, spoor and dropping images.

  • World wide species distribution maps.

  • Shot placement images.

  • SCI and Rowland Ward record book minimum entry details.

  • Species discussions cover:

  • Animal size, weight, gestation and related details.

  • Habitat preferences.

  • Favorite foods and eating habits and much more.

  • We highly recommend this work.

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