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Hunt, scuba and fish the world

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When you are a young hunter, fisherman and diver, polishing your old hunting boots and fresh from your Open Water 1 course, it is fun to share a tent and brave the ravenous mosquitoes with your uncouth university friends.

You shower infrequently, spend more money on beer than food, tolerate the sand in your sleeping bag and sit out the rain when it comes. You hunt on a shoestring budget after having saved for years. Convenience (not to mention luxury) is low on the priority list.

Later in life you and your lovey are willing to sleep in a reed hut on a rickety bed for the privilege to dive the spectacular reefs in Mozambique or hunt in Zambia.

Then the children come. More tents, more expenses, a 4x4 trailer and solar panels - every convenience was purchased to make life easier while camping. Friends bring their families and your camp began to look like Tokyo by night.

It was fun.

The thing is, I am all grown up now. I have kids of my own and my diving excursions are not paid for by income from being a waiter at the diner any more.

What I needed was a solution for the future. My camping and diving holidays were beginning to cost me a packet every year – and it was getting more and more expensive. That excluded fuel, my 4x4 trailer and smart rooftop tent, solar panels, freezer, generator, ice machine and furniture.

Most problematic of all, my wife having raised the kids through years of hunting and fishing, bizarrely felt she deserved some consideration during our holidays.

Now here is how I made myself famous - with one fell swoop I raised the best-hunting/scuba/fishing husband bar way above where you mere mortals are now.

I bought shares in a villa at Tartaruga Bay near Inhambane.

Tartaruga Bay is a luxury fractional ownership resort between Praia da Rocha and Coconut Bay– and truly: it is a total coincidence that it is directly across Manta Reef, a world top 10 diving site. It is strangely also right on the way to Niasssa and Cahorra Bassa where there is great hunting – and close to one of the bill fishing capitals of the world.

The Mozambique hunting season is from June to November, so because I was early, the developer helped me to fix the normally rotating fractions in the hunting season. Contact them at to do the same - but you may already be too late.

With construction scheduled to start early in May 2012, I got a 5-star luxury fractional estate, fully furnished and air conditioned. It sleeps 8 in the 4 large, sea facing bedrooms, each with an on-suite bathroom and outside shower. The seriously large deck comes with a pool and cool gazebo and looks out over the Indian ocean. The folding doors of the bedroom open right up to remind me of the camping days.

The central club house offers an activity center, business center, pool bar, convenience store and business center. And for my wife (how she loves me now) there is a luxury spa and 2 superb restaurants.

The 1 kilometer beach is a protected turtle nesting site and the humpback whales come to the area to calve and mate from July to September. But for me, the big thrills are swimming with a whale shark and watching the mantas being serviced at the 3 cleaning stations on manta reef.

But fractional? What is that? I found out that fractional ownership is a small group of people owning a valuable asset (like a villa at Tartaruga Bay) and sharing the purchase and maintenance costs.

This lets me buy only the portion of the villa I will actually use each year - and I really own part of the villa, not just the time as in timeshare schemes. This means my investment can grow and I can make a profit if I ever want to sell. I can let my kids inherit my shares because the Mozambican Fractional Law 39 of 2007 makes my ownership perpetual - not only for 99 years like most other developments.

Also, if I can’t use my time, I let it out and generate passive income or send my mates there.

I pay a levy every month for maintenance, security and services, so I just arrive at my luxury villa and everything is spic and span – and to my immense relief, there is absolutely no expectation of maintenance forced on me.

It cost me just over $10,000 once-off for a low season share and I got 4 of them. I also pay a measly $27 for maintenance, services an security per share.

Best of all, I own part of the building - and leisure property grows at 12-17% per annum, so it is a good investment too.

This means that I get to dive, fish and kayak for a month every year while lovey spends her time in the spa or on the deck getting herself pretty for me when I get back in the afternoon, flush from my fishing or hunting adventure.

And all this doesn’t cost me an extra cent.

Now here’s where it gets really interesting: for a small fee I can exchange my share in Tartaruga Bay with other luxury destinations worldwide. I am going to dive Maldives, see Disneyland, eat camembert in Paris, drink port in the Algarve, visit Thailand and dive Bali.

I may even check out Mexico and the red sea or take a luxury cruise. See

So here’s how it is going to work from now on: I will drop lovey off at the international airport in Inhambane and the air-conditioned Tartaruga Bay shuttle will transfer her off to my luxury pad - while I fly north to a truly African Adventure. If I decide to hunt Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa, I drop her off at Zimbali and my hunt begins.

The beauty is: I can do this in 30 countries. Classic Hunting in Africa. Billfishing in Belize.

When I get back from my adventure, she will be waiting for me: all exfoliated and peeled and treated – and full of pent-up energy.

Life is good.

My advice? Get yourself a share in Tartaruga Bay. You can’t apply your holiday money better and you get a world of choice thrown in.

Send my husband of the year award to villa M6 at Tartaruga Bay.

Check it out here

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