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Keeping Resolutions

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Every year it is the same – I start with new resolutions that I want to keep. It is easy to decide I am going to hunt or scuba or kayak more. But to get ‘round to actually doing it – that is another thing. As far as personal habits go, I still do not exercise enough and I will not give up steak and biltong. Some things are not negotiable.

As for the magazine itself, it’s easy for me: keep on getting better and stay at the cutting edge of hunting and internet presentation technology. These resolutions I can keep.

Our new virtual reading experience, for example. Click the hunter guy to see it.

We let readers read the magazine online, much like a real magazine. You page through the magazine just like a normal magazine. But of course, you can zoom, click everywhere and go directly to a professional hunters’ site or a product page or watch a video.

One day, Christopher Columbus was at a dinner which a Spanish gentleman had given in his honor, and several persons were present who were jealous of the great admiral’s success. They were proud, conceited fellows, and they very soon began to try to make Columbus uncomfortable.

"You have discovered strange lands beyond the seas," they said, "but what of that? We do not see why there should be so much said about it. Anybody can sail across the ocean - and anybody can coast along the islands on the other side, just as you have done. It is the simplest thing in the world."

Columbus made no answer but took a boiled egg from a dish. He looked intently at them with the egg in his hand. "Who among you, gentlemen, can make this egg stand on end?"

One by one those at the table tried it and said that it was impossible. Columbus then tapped the egg’s small end on the table, indenting the shell so that it could stand upright.

"What is easier than to do this which you said was impossible?" Columbus asked them. "It is the simplest thing in the world. Anybody can do it - AFTER he has been shown how!’’

There will be African hunting magazines that will do this after us. But there is always certain satisfaction in being the first. And, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

We at African Expedition wish you the best year you have ever had, and a heartfelt thanks to all you hunters and adventurers who help us grow so exponentially.

Mitch Mitchell

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