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Knots and hitches 2

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Remember that time when the 4x4 was stuck in the sand? And the time on the boat? You could have looked cool and macho then.

You know you need to know them, and you could have used them a hundred times over the past years. - but you have just been too lazy to memorise them.

I am talking about essential knots and hitches.

Now we have gone to the trouble to make and photograph the most useful of them in the African Expedition studio to try and get your lazy mind started up.

Here is your chance ...

Fishing Knots

Half Blood Knot

  Tie a hook on to Nylon

Jam Knots


  Tying Loops in Nylon

Joining Ropes

Reef Knot

  Tie two ropes of same thickness. Firm under strain and easily untied.

Fisherman's Knot

Joining vines, wires and slippery lines. Very secure but hard to untie

Garrick Bend


Secure fastening of two ropes of equal thickness. Easily undone, exceptional for steel cables.

Double Fisherman's Knot

  Stronger than Fisherman's Knot. Do not use on nylon ropes, fishing lines or thick ropes

Sheet Bend

Good for constant strain. Won't slip

Double Sheet Bend

More secure than sheet bend, good for wet rope and erratic strain

Mitch Mitchell is a bow hunter, outdoorsman and the author of several books on African wildlife and survival


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