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Leatherman MUT

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Big, bold and bulky, the Leatherman MUT is for real men. Whip it out when the other guys brag about their little multitools and listen to the deep silence of respect. Use it to calmly adjust your scope and wait for it - the boys will come.

It is a known fact that all African hunters love a multi tool - but to have the ultimate Leatherman generates ultimate envy.

We have all been there at some point: you are in the 4x4 or at the range and that nut or screw comes loose. A cartridge sticks in the chamber or your scope mount loosens on the rail. Hunting rifles put a great deal of stress on fasteners - and we never want to drag the whole toolbox along on a hunt

This is where the Leatherman MUT comes in.

The Leatherman MUT is the first multi-tool that functions as both a tactical and practical tool for military, LE, or civilian shooters. The MUT features multiple areas on the tool threaded for cleaning rods and brushes and all the screwdriver bits are sized for standard military and civilian sighting adjustment work.

Also built into the design of the tool is the flexibility to replace the most commonly used parts on the spot, using a simple Torx #8, keeping down-time to a minimum. With all this, a MOLLE sheath and scope adjustment wrench included, the Leatherman MUT may very well be the most efficient and useful piece in your hunting kit.

The primary blade length is 3 inches/7.6 cm, closed length is 5 inches/12.7 cm and it weighs 11.2 oz or 317.5g

First impressions

When we opened the box we noticed the extremely high quality nylon pouch. The pouch is coyote brown and MOLLE compatible and can also be easily worn on a belt. The sheath is well thought out with a large hook and loop flap on the front. There are elastic bands on the sides to add compression and keep the MUT secure while allowing easy removal and replacement. Inside the pouch is a hidden compartment that allows for storage of extra bits.

The MUT comes packaged with a small double ended twelve point wrench. One side of the wrench is 1/2", which is perfect for the rail mounting nut on Badger Ordnance rings as well as several others.

If you properly install you optics, they should not come loose - but stuff happens in the bushveld. On the opposite side is a 3/8" twelve point. This covers many other scope rings as well as the adjustment nut on LaRue locking levers.

Look and feel

In it’s closed/stored configuration there is access to several features. Firtstly, the cutting hook is a protected blade that will make short work of webbing. A tool like this is critical for cutting jammed seat belts and aircraft harnesses without risk to the crewman.

On top of the hook is a flat grooved surface that is intended for use as a hammer. You should not try to disassemble a Land Rover with it but it works well for tapping pins into place.

The tip of the hammer is shaped to fit inside the ejection port of the M16/M4. In a bolt override malfunction or "Type ATE" a tool must be used to hold the bolt back while the charging handle is pushed forward. This will release the trapped case. The tip of the MUT hammer is designed to do this. This is a much safer way than using a knife blade and risk losing a finger.

Two attachment options are available: the carabiner and the pocket clip. There aren’t any wimpy spring steel clips on the MUT - Leatherman used a solid, skeletonized pocket clip made of titanium. The carabiner doubles as a bottle opener.

Ease of use

The tool that everyone needs first is fast access to the knife blade. For right handed users the thumb falls perfectly on the hole in the blade, and a swipe of the thumb easily swings the blade into it’s locked position.

The 420HD combo edge blade locks open with a liner lock and has no play when deployed. Closing the blade can be accomplished easily with one hand by depressing the lock with the thumb and carefully starting the blade forward with the index finger. Once the blade is unlocked the thumb can pull it forward into the stowed position.

Opposite of the combo edge blade is a saw blade also designed for one handed deployment. Its position, however, makes it more difficult to access. The saw has large sharp teeth that will easily cut wood or bone but will not work well on thicker metal. The saw us useful for building survival shelters or traps.

Both blades are well protected by the metal body of the tool. The chassis wraps around them and guards the tips of either blade from catching and accidentally deploying.

Click for larger image

The MUT comes with a punch perfectly sized for the fire control group pins on the M16/M4 family of weapons. This is also the same size as required by the M110/SR25/AR10.

It can also be used to knock out stubborn take down pins. The punch is replaceable and for LE/Special users a Glock sized punch is offered. The spare punch can be stored in the pocket on the sheath.

The scraper is made of bronze to allow the removal of carbon from the rifle bolt without harming the weapon.

Opening the tool allows the use the needle nose and regular plier functions as well as the wire cutter and crimper. On either side of the plier head a hole is threaded to accept standard GI cleaning rods. The extra weight gained by threading the MUT onto a cleaning rod can be extremely helpful in tapping a stuck case out of the chamber. The threaded hole on the carabiner side can be accessed with the tool closed.

The tips of the needle nose pliers are able to handle delicate tasks and the normal pliers section is serrated to offer purchase on fasteners. The blades have no problem cutting small gauge wire cleanly. Large gauge wire may take two tries, but is easily accomplished. The wire cutters are designed with flats towards the hinge to cut coat hangar type wire.

Stored in the body of the tool and retained by a retaining bolt are two long bits. The first contains a 1/4 flat blade screwdriver and No.2 Phillips Head. The other bit has a 7/64 hex and T15 Torx side. On the outside of the tool is a short 3/16 flat blade and No.1 Phillips Head. These bits snap securely into the receiver in the end of the "handle" opposite the hammer head. They are held securely and released by pressing on a spring clip.


The combination of flat and Phillips bits will be useful every day, and the T15 Torx and 7/64 Hex will work on many scope rings.


The MUT is pricey - but then again, so is a Ferrari. In this world you mostly get what you pay for.

The User Guide

Download the user guide here

Mitch Mitchell is a bow hunter, outdoorsman and the author of several books on African wildlife and survival


Although relatively big, the MUT is quality constructed, superbly multifunctional and extremely useful in the bush. If I am in a survival situation, this is the multi tool I would choose.

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