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Legacy Magazines Volume 2

Volume 2 Issue 1

A Rhino in the bathroom: Living with Jimmy ▪ Survival Kit for Adventurers: Sure you’re ready for the bush? ▪ Shooting Hell’s Gate: Fishing in spectacular Mozambique ▪ The Parable of the Warthog and the Wildebeest: Learning to wait for the best ▪ River Danger: Bilharzia in Africa ▪ Diana in Africa: Lady hunters on the dark continent ▪ Destinations: Central Kalahari ▪ The Ancient Craft: Knifemaking in South Africa ▪ African Bush Cuisine: Impala Sosaties and Morogo ▪ True North: A Nice Guy

Volume 2 Issue 2

Mauser’s 7mm: Docile but Deadly ▪ BorderLine Walk Stage One: Victoria Falls to Binga ▪ Using a scouting camera: Your secret eyes in the bushveld ▪ Scorpions: Venomous hunters of the night ▪ Buff Tuff: Hunting the toughest in Zambia ▪ Safari Fashion: Looking good in the bushveld ▪ African Bush Cuisine: Trout and Cointreau ▪ True North: A True Father

Volume 2 Issue 3

The Blue Brindled Gnu: Hunting the clown of Africa ▪ BorderLine Walk Stage Two: Binga to Matusadona ▪ This is Africa! Life on our wild continent ▪ High Desert Double Rifle Pilgrimage: Journey to big bore paradise ▪ The greatest threat to African Wildlife: Exploring ostrich behavior Part 1 ▪ News, Reviews and and Press Releases ▪ The Fire Piston: Making fire the old way ▪ True North: We are at War

Volume 2 Issue 4

Linyanti Stampede: Dignity in flight ▪ BorderLine Walk Stage Three : Matusadona to Kariba ▪ The .17 Remington goes to Africa: Beyond varminting ▪ The greatest threat to African Wildlife: Exploring ostrich behavior Part 2 ▪ Old Man Mule: Hunting the mtagati ▪ The Fire Bow: Primitive fire ▪ Rookie Writers: Hunting Elephant in the Mopane Forest ▪ News, Reviews, and Press Releases ▪ Book Reviews: In the company of adventure ▪ Make a Plan: Jump start a vehicle without cables ▪ True North: Our Story

Volume 2 Issue 5

Debunking Ballistic Myths: The truth about terminal ballistics ▪ BorderLine Walk: Kariba Gorge ▪ Ghost rings for accurate shooting: Open-sight hunting ▪ Rookie Writers: African Pride Third Time’s the Charm Four paces from Death Twig Snake: Strike of the spear News, Reviews, and Press Releases ▪ Book Reviews: Tanzania Safari: Robert DePole ▪ Make a Plan: Alternative uses for your flashlight ▪ True North: Unbelievable

Volume 2 Issue 6

Reading Vultures: Understanding the icons of death ▪ SHOT SHOW 2010: Media Day at the Range ▪ Déjà Vu in Zimbabwe: Hunting problem elephant ▪ IWA 2010 report ▪ Rookie Writers: Hunting with a San Bushman ▪ The Cure for the Secondhand Life  Terminal Medicine ▪ News, Reviews, and Press Releases ▪ Make a Plan: Pump a tubeless tyre ▪ True North: All Men Die; Few Men Ever Really LIVE