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Mamba Extreme Sling

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MAMBA-Extreme Sling

The MAMBA-EXTREME is a combat proven weapon carrying system that affords the shooter a customized carrying position, rapid targeting and ease of use for all AR type weapons as well as most bolt action rifles and shotguns.

Its fully adjustable padded shoulder strap, multiple weapons compatibility and being fully ambidextrous makes the MAMBA EXTREME the only choice for those that prefer the AR for their style of hunting.

The first of its kind for AR-Hunters. It’s really 2 slings in one! It can be set up as a 3-point or a 2 point sling.

UNIVERSAL DESIGN: fits ALL "AR-style" weapons. Sling can be mounted, to virtually any sling mount location, quickly and easily. Also fits most shotguns, bolt action rifles and semi-automatic rifle platforms: AK, SKS, FAL, Sig 556, etc.

2 SLINGS IN ONE: Easily sets-up as a Three-Point or Two-Point sling.

AMBIDEXTROUS: Can easily be set-up for left or right-handed shooters.

HIGH PERFORMANCE: Multiple carry and shooting options and "Power

S-T-R-E-T-C-H Zone": stretch feature for the ultimate in flexibility and ease of carry while on the move through thick brush or over varying terrain.

INNOVATIVE: The "Uni-Link" Buttstock Strap feature (patent pending) allows the user to mount the sling without the cumbersome adaptors and failure-prone hook-and-loop attachment points found on other slings.


COMFORTABLE: The PADDED shoulder strap distributes the weight of the weapon for a more comfortable carry.

SPEED RELEASE: Allows the weapon to be easily released while wearing the sling.

DURABLE: Made from the best "Battle-Tested" materials available.
Our patented Battle Buckles™ are molded from a high-tensile/impact resistant polymer.
Our unique Tubular- Nylon webbing is highly abrasion resistant and won’t break-down over time or mar the finish on your prized weapon.


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