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Tartaruga Bay

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You love Africa - and now you can own it.

The drumbeat of adventure pumps in your blood. You love to hunt, fish and scuba.

You live fast and work hard.

You love your family and you enjoy memorable vacations with them.

You invest wisely: you  diversify your portfolio - and you are smart enough to invest in more than one country.


A Great Safari Base

Now you can hunt in the bushveld and fish in luxury in the warm Mozambican ocean.

This is the best of both worlds: big 5 hunting and adrenalin-pumping bill fishing.

Try to get a grand slam: three billfish species -  Swordfish, Sailfish and the Marlin.

Although extremely rare, you may even have a chance of a fantasy slam: five billfish species in a 24 hour period.

And all the while your better half is lounging contentedly in the luxury spa and the kids are having great fun.


A Smart Investment

Clear exit strategy - sell your share on the open market when you want

Supply vs demand imbalance - tourism accommodation shortage during holiday season

Booming economy driving a rapidly expanding middle class

Passive income - earn rental income when not exercising usage rights

Unforgettable luxury vacations - relax in luxury while your investment grows - and exchange worldwide with other luxury destinations

Rapid annual growth (22-25%)

Low Pricing: Fractional ownership starts from US$ 11,700/ 8,800/R80,000 per share

Worldwide exchange

Hunt, scuba and fish the world. At Tartaruga Bay, thousands of luxury destinations around the world are your luxury escape options - this year in Algarve, next year in Bali, maybe a luxury cruise, then in Paris and the next year at Disneyland.

A Great location

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Tartaruga Bay is located 18 kilometers from the historic Inhambane City, the hub of tourism in Mozambique. Barra, Tofo, Tofinho, Praia do Rocha, Coconut Bay and Guinyata are just a short drive away.

Inhambane is an International airport, so passport formalities are taken care of when you land

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