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The BorderLine Walk

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The beginning
Stage 1: Vic Falls to Binga
Stage 2: Binga to Matusadona
Stage 3: Matusadona to Kariba
Kariba Gorge
Rifa to Chikwenya


David sadly passed away some months ago ....

Click here or on the image to buy David's great new book and support anti-poaching in Zimbabwe.
Shangaan Song is a book about Africa and Zimbabwe.

Critically acclaimed:
Written with the passion of Karen Blixen and the wit of Herman Charles Bosman"
"The best thing I’ve read in a long time. A must read for anyone who has been to southern Africa, anyone who might go, or anyone who loves a good story ..."
His love for his country and fellow man comes shining through’
"Well-drawn and convincing .... skillfully captured.’

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The historical 3,000 kilometer walk through wildest Africa to support anti-poaching is underway.

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LAST UPDATE 29/03/2010

Visit the BorderLine Walk group wall

Wear your support
for Hunters against poaching in Zimbabwe!

The beginning
Stage 1: Vic Falls to Binga
Stage 2: Binga to Matusadona
Stage 3: Matusadona to Kariba
Kariba Gorge
Rifa to Chikwenya


Pick a cool T-Shirt and help support anti-poaching training in the Save Valley. PLEASE support HfZ now! Choose from men's and ladies designs. Wear one TShirt and carry the hopes of 10 million Zimbabweans.

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Images emailed from Binga on Sun 2/8/2009 11:59 AM

Toughening up ...

Early morning - time to get the show on the road again ..

The Matetsi River

A sorry sight ...

Approaching the Batoka Gorge which can be see in the background

'Chooks' Chuma - The Kasikili tobacco merchant

They're doing it for those like him ...


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• The beginning •
• Stage 1: Vic Falls to Binga •
• Stage 2: Binga to Matusadona •
• Stage 3: Matusadona to Kariba •
• Kariba Gorge •
• Rifa to Chikwenya •
• Photos •

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