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Universal Gun Case

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Universal Gun Case: Texas Hunt Company

While walking the six miles of exhibits at the SHOT Show in Orlando, Florida, I found this really useful and unique soft rifle case. A favorite topic for discussion among safari hunters is the best hard case for transporting our rifles to Africa. However, sometimes we pay scant attention to selecting the best soft case for protection after our arrival in country, and just take whatever we happen to have on hand around the house. The needs we encounter hunting internationally can be much more demanding than what we need for our typical deer or elk hunts.

There are many times when travel to an African hunting concession must be made via land vehicle or a charter airplane where extra space can be a premium. At these times, the large airline transport hard case must be left at our safari outfitter’s headquarters. Even if there is room for the hard case, it is still necessary to protect our rifles while cruising around in a Land Rover or Toyota 4-Wheel truck scouting for game. The Texas Hunt Company, a division of well known U.S. Military supplier Spec Ops, looked to their experiences supplying the Army and Marines with heavy duty cases and web gear, and came up with a case called the Universal Gun Case.

Using the latest in materials, relying on proven construction, and learning from his experiences hunting Cape buffalo in Zimbabwe, Texas Hunt Company owner Jeff Wemmer saw the need to develop a rifle case that was not only protective, durable, and hunter friendly, but also built to the same standards our soldiers require for service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Universal Gun Case is available in the solid colors of Coyote Brown and American Walnut, and is also offered in Advantage® Max 1™ and Mossy Oak® Break-up™ for customers who want a camouflage version. All versions of the case carry a retail price of $149.95 and can be purchased directly from the Texas Hunt Company website at:, as well as a select list of local dealers.

Examining the Universal Gun Case from the outside, I noticed several things. It has a 2-inch shoulder strap with a fully adjustable quick-release slider so, no matter your body size, it is very comfortable to sling over your shoulder. This enables hands-free carry for climbing in or out of blinds, tree stands, vehicles, etc. and is very useful in day-to-day hunting situations. The case features a roomy outside cargo pocket for cleaning gear, small binoculars, ammo, etc.

I tested the cargo pocket and it easily held two 20-round boxes of .458 Lott ammo from Safari Arms Ltd.:, that I happened to have on hand. The case’s exterior carry handles are located at its natural balance point for easy, comfortable hand carry, and there is even an ID window for your business card or other form of identification.

To open the Universal Gun Case, it has dual, full-length, water/dust resistant, YKK #10 zipper sliders for quick access. Texas Hunt Company claims this is the only case on the market that offers this much protection for your rifle, and after inspecting the rest of its construction, I believe them.

The case has 3/8 inch thick, non-absorbent, closed-cell foam padding, plus it has a unique foam padded interior flap that wraps around your optics for an extra measure of security. It even has a muzzle stop to protect the barrel ends from impact damage. Its flip-open design allows full access to your rifle and makes an instant gun cleaning mat.

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