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Volume 1

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Volume 1 Issue 6
The BorderLine Walk: The progression of a dream ▪ Predicting bullet performance: Clear skies or rain? ▪ The Mauser M03 Africa .458 Lott: New thunder in the Bushveld ▪ African Game Animals: The Kudu: Grace in grey ▪ Finding Jimmy: Rescuing a Black Rhino in Zimbabwe ▪ Destinations: Southern Mozambique Press Releases Product News & Reviews African Bush Cuisine: Prawns with olive oil, garlic and peri-peri True North: The Great Stories

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Volume 1 Issue 5
The Ultimate Dangerous Game Rifle: Designing for the 21st Century: The Stock ▪ Long Range Shooting: Learning to shoot from Snipers ▪ African Game Animals: Choose your favorite ▪ Cholera: The unseen killer ▪  Underwater Photography: Get started with a great new hobby  ▪ Fate of the Leopard: A tale of Africa ▪ Press Releases Product Reviews African Bush Cuisine: Springbuck Roast with dark chocolate and chilli with sautéd fresh vegetables ▪ True North: Formula to Friendship

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Volume 1 Issue 4
The Ultimate Dangerous Game Rifle ▪ Designing for the 21st Century: The Lock Hunting the Zebra ▪ The Quintessential African Trophy The Old Warhorse ▪  Still Barking after all these years Bardot and elephant culling in Africa A heartfelt letter to a sultry beauty Spearfishing Success ▪ What does it take? After the Shot ▪ Blood In Motion: A Forensic Guide to Tracking Press Releases ▪ Trophy Gallery ▪ News ▪ African Bush Cuisine ▪ Springbuck Shank Pie with Red Wine and thyme True NorthThe Warrior Heart

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Volume 1 Issue 3
Track better, hunt better  ▪ Learn the Secrets of the San Bushmen Lethal Legacy ▪ The most feared animal on the African continent One on one with Africa's Black Death ▪ Surviving a buffalo attack Battling Tigers in Africa ▪ Fighting Africa’s freshwater superpredator Poor Man's Leopard ▪ Hunting the Spotted Hyena The Monster from Namibia ▪ The new Number 1 White Water Rafting ▪ Riding the untamed Rivers of Africa Overlanding from Desert to Delta ▪ The best of all Possible Worlds Marshpig’s Father ▪ Namibia's Champion of Ugly Regulars Hunter's PotTrue North - In the End

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Volume 1 Issue 2
7 Steps to Bowhunting Success ▪ Bowhunt Africa Better Otto Bock’s Cartridge ▪ Do you need more than the 9.3x62 in Africa? The best all-round big game cartridge ▪ Sectional density and Velocity Buttonquail ▪ Quail with Attitude Hunt Under Water  ▪ Spearfishing the elusive white steenbras Malaria  ▪ Killer of the African Night The Ghosts of Marromeu ▪ The unexplained in Northern Mozambique Kayak Fishing ▪ What to look for when you buy your first kayak Don Juan of Mozambique ▪ Secrets of seduction in Africa RegularsBush Cuisine True North - The Darker Regions of the Soul

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Volume 1 Issue 1
Living Legends ▪ Interviews with battle-proven professional hunters in Africa Curse of the Guinea Fowl - Hunting Africa's crafty spotted wildfowl Designing the Ultimate Dangerous Game Rifle ▪ Building the world-beating all-round rifle Africa’s Cunning Killer  ▪ Hunting the cape buffalo The Ivory Trail ▪ The life of the legendary Bvekenya Die Another Day ▪ Survival in the African Bushveld Part 1 Poison in Paradise ▪ Dealing with snakebite on safari Ecstasy and Luxury ▪ Combining great hunting and luxury travel Bowhunting Namibia ▪ With people you don’t like Diving with Death ▪ Share the ocean with the surprising shark Regulars Outfitters: Chacma Safaris The Hunters Pot True North - The Clue WIN! Great competitions and great prizes

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