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Volume 5

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  Volume 5 Issue 4
.270 Winchester - cast lead session | The New Leatherman - Generate MUT envy | Overland to Central Kafue - Part 1 of a wild Zambian Adventure | African Ahi -
How to catch the elusive yellowfin tuna
| African adventurers of yesteryear - The Maneating lions of Tsavo | Make a Plan - Toilet paper rope - stronger than you think | True North - Fierce Mastery

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  Volume 5 Issue 3
The .220 Swift: Something old with something newJust a few seconds more old chap: Tracking a wounded elephant | Delta Overland: Botswana trip report |Trolling Dynamics: Turn your boat into a fish magnet | The Palanca Report | African Adventurers of yesteryear: The Maneating lions of Tsavo: Death of the Second Maneater | Make a Plan: Make a small stove from aluminum cans | True North: The Final Act of Self-Centeredness

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  Volume 5 Issue 2
Will your next dive be 3 hours long? Everything you need to know about rebreathers | Masai Mara: Inside the migration | Lion Encounter: Underwater poison | Dorado Tactics: Catch gold | M77 Hawkeye African: The new Ruger | Adventurers of  yesteryear: The Maneating lions of Tsavo | Bush Cuisine: Fer au Vin: Black mamba in brandy | Make a Plan: Cold drinks in the bush | True North: You have an enemy

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  Volume 5 Issue 1
.375 Flanged Magnum Nitro Express: Happy Anniversary | A River Sings: Charting the pristine waterways of Gabon | Shooting Buffalo and Pulling Teeth: Getting hurt on a dangerous game hunt | African adventurers of yesteryear: The Maneating lions of Tsavo | Bush Cuisine: Espetada: Meat-on-a-stick the Portuguese way | Make a Plan: Pull, lift or move heavy items with a rope | True North A Call for Change

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