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Volume 6

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  Volume 6 Issue 4
.416 Remington Magnum: The New Old SoulMake an ash bag: The essential bush toolRigging for marlin: Preparing for swordplayThe Tactical tomahawk in Africa: The ultimate new bush toolMake a plan: Fire with a tonteldoosThe man-eating lions of Tsavo: The finding the man-eater's denTrue North: An Intolerable Rest

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  Volume 6 Issue 3
Baiting for Leopard: Outwitting the cunningOverland to Central Kafue Zamkafuzi: The finale of a wild Zambian AdventureLiving dinosaurs:  African crocodilesMy tender shoulder: Reminiscences of a buffalo huntThe Maneating lions of Tsavo: A Day On The N’dungu EscarpmentMake a Plan: Sharpening your knife in the bushTrue North: The Miseries of a Dethroned Monarch

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  Volume 6 Issue 2
Casting  lead bullets for the  .257 Roberts: Low-cost practice before the hunting seasonThink like a fish: Food, sex, food Dangerous  animals  up close: Surviving a close African encounter of the dangerous kindPalanca Report: 1st Trimester 2014LandShark in GonarhezhouRookie  Writers: Trees, Silent AssassinsThe Man-eating lions of Tsavo: A night after hippoMake a Plan: Fire without matches or a lighter True North: Dismissal and cynicism

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  Volume 6 Issue 1
Unwelcome Strangers: Anti-poaching operations in ZimbabweOverland to Central Kafue Zamkafuzi: Part 2 of a wild Zambian Adventure The art of the saltwater Drop Shot : Master game fisherman Mike Laubscher shows you how to make the perfect drop shotRookie Writers: The hunt is over, but the memories remainThe Maneating lions of Tsavo: The Swahili and other native tribes Make a Plan: Make fire with a beer can and chocolateTrue North: There is no escaping this war

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