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Legacy Magazines Volume 3

Volume 3 Issue 1

Blind to Blood: Can you read a blood spoor? | Graduating to Buffalo: Hunting Africa with your son | The Blaser S2 Safari: Revolutionary Double Rifle Design | Hunting Botswana with a pocket battleship |  Kayak Sailie: Catching sailfish from a kayak | Take a Rest: Hunting with shooting sticks | Reloading the 303 BRITISH: Keeping the legend alive | Rookie Writers: The Journeyman | News, Reviews, and Press Releases – | Make a Plan: Out of brake or hydraulic fluid | True North: We’ve Bought the Lie

Volume 3 Issue 2

You cannot eat Money: Time for survival conservation |  Underwater Photography: Hunting with an underwater Canon | Heat Stroke: The overlooked killer | Secondary Explosion Effect: The Potential for total destruction | BushFood: Can you survive in the bushveld? | Walkabout in Hwange: Strangers in the land of giants | Hunter Personal Experience Directory: Trigger an information outbreak | Make a Plan: Alternative Cooking Methods | True North: Intended for pleasure

Volume 3 Issue 3

Training for the worst: Are you ready for when the excrement hits the oscillation? | Black Powder Virus: Hunting with your father | Salvaging the 8 x 57: Reviving an old warhorse | Uganda Exploratory hunt: I dreamed of Africa | News, Reviews, and Press Releases | Hunter Personal Experience Directory: Trigger an information outbreak | Make a Plan: Making a winch from poles | True North: Do I have what it takes?

Volume 3 Issue 4

A question of Ethics … do you feel it? | The BorderLine Walk: Rifa to Chikwenya | All American Double Searcy Rifles: Tough and beautiful | Bell’s Base Camp: The Greek River Area | Tick Bite Fever: Tread carefully | News, Reviews, and Press Releases | Make a Plan | True North: Created in Freedom to Be His Intimate Allies

Volume 3 Issue 5

My Lord Derby: Hunting Africa’s largest antelope | There’s only one First Safari: Hunting Zambia | Giant Sable in Angola: 4th Trimester Palanca report | News, Reviews, and Press Releases | Make a Plan: The useful black plastic bag | True North: Treating Our Heart for the Treasure It Is

Volume 3 Issue 6

Mana Pools The last wilderness area in Zimbabwe | Famars Leonardo The Pinnacle of Functional Art | African trypanosomiasis the Sleep of death | African adventurers of yesteryear Hunting Elephants in Africa Captain C. H. Stigand | The Double Falling Block Rifle | Africa – The good news The good news from Africa | Make a Plan Your vehicle is stuck and your battery is flat | True North The Worst of All Possible Reactions